Workshops and Seminars

All of the topics which Dr. Mike Armour addresses in motivational keynotes can be expanded into day-long or multi-day workshops or seminars.

Mike is quite flexible on how these workshops may be structured.

  • Many clients can achieve their training goal with a workshop or seminar which lasts only one day.
  • Other have more extensive training needs and require a multi-day format. One recent client, for instance, wanted a total of three days of leadership and management training for her team. But she could not pull them away from their duties for three consecutive days. Mike thus set up a workshop schedule which called for one day of training each month for three consecutive months.
  • Workshop class in session
  • Others want trainings on a quarterly basis.
  • Still others want the same seminar for several tiers of management, with the content of the training adjusted slightly from tier to tier, based on the differing levels of responsibility.

Whatever the structure for a seminar or workshop, each one is carefully customized and tailored to the needs of the individual client. Variations on this design can be provided where different teams in an organization need training on slightly different topics.

As an example, Mike recently conducted multi-month trainings at nine locations for a nationally-known retailer. While the overall training was basically the same at all nine sites, there was further customization to the specific requirements of a given location.

Mike's customization of workshops and seminars can even go so far as production of an entirely new training from scratch in order to meet a client's particular needs. There is, of course, a slightly higher fee for this degree of customization.

In general, however, Mike charges a flat fee for a seminar or workshop, nnd at a very competitive rate. The fee includes

  • all planning meetings with the event sponsors
  • customization of the training design
  • development and printing of handouts and workbooks
  • and the actual training itself

When workshop or seminar trainings are located outside of the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, reasonable travel reimbursements are normally expected.


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