Transformative Leadership

Moving Beyond Business As Usual:
The Power of Transformative Leadership

Where do you need to toss out the status quo in your organization? In your industry? Where do you need to strike out in bold, new directions?

Transformational leadershipWhatever that place, it calls for transformative leadership.

Transformative leadership is not about making a few tweaks around the edges. It's about transforming the way you do business.

Such sweeping change typically meets with resistance. The old corporate culture and the old way of doing things dig in their heels and fight back.

This keynote presentation shows you how to win that battle.

Keynotes Drawn from Personal Experience

Dr. Mike Armour has been a transformative leader his entire life. Organizations ranging from the military to business to non-profits to higher education have used him as a "go-to" man for effecting transformational change.

This allow him to pack his presentations with wisdom gained from firsthand, personal experience.

As a keynote speaker, breakout presenter, or leadership trainer, he offers counsel which is proven, practical, and powerful. He gives yourleaders concrete, actionable guidelines for guiding wholesale change in

  • team performance
  • corporate culture and dynamics
  • worker attitudes and engagement
  • openness to change and innovation

And he shows your leaders how to mold corporate culture and outlooks to make these changes last.

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