Keynotes on Christian Spirituality and Spiritual Development

Much of Mike Armour's earliest experience as a professional keynote speaker was making presentations on Christian spirituality and maturity. Beginning as a conference speaker for regional and national Christian gatherings in the U.S., he went on to keynote on spiritual development at events in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

From these extensive experiences, encompassing more than four decades, he has developed an abundance of material on spirituality, spiritual maturity, and spiritual development. With so much material at his fingertips, Mike can masterfully handle dozens of spiritual themes as a keynote speaker — far more than the ones reflected in the topical listings below.

Mike is quite pleased, therefore, to work with event planners to develop a keynote presentation perfectly attuned to the needs of their event.

An Illustrative Sample of Mike's Presentations on Spirituality

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The Man Who Loved Two Enemies
Lessons in faith and friendship from the exemplary life of Jonathan

Nothing is more perplexting than to be caught in the middle between two friends who at war with one another. Jonathan lived years of his life in this very predicament, as a father he loved tried relentlessly to destroy the man who was Jonathan's dearest friend.

Mike uses this keynote to tell the story of Saul and David from the perspective of Jonathan. He delves into the strength of character that empowered Jonathan's undying loyalty to his father and his exceptional devotion to his friend.

But most of all, Mike presents Jonathan as a man of extraordinary faith and character. Mike takes his audience through a number of rarely-told episodes from Jonathan's career, using them to draw out powerful lessons about life, faith, and friendship. By the end of this presentation, the audience sees Jonathan as one of history's most exemplary figures.

Our Calling in Three Words
Relationships, redemption, and reconciliation

God's initiatives in the Bible center around three endeavors — building and maintaining relationships with mankind, redeeming people from what precludes them from their rightful place, and bringing about reconciliation where relationships have been destroyed or sorely disrupted.

In this keynote Mike provides an overview of this divine agenda, then shows how this same agenda should become our own. That is, at the heart of Christian service should be a commitment to healthy relationships, an eagerness to advocate redemptively for those marginalized or dismissed by society, and a steadfast determination to be a reconciling influence in the world.

Why Not Take Away Their Vote?
Preventing others from compromising your sense of self-worth

As very young children we learn to base our sense of self-worth on input from the world around us. As a result, we often come to adulthood finding it difficult to feel good about ourselves when others mistreat us, disrespect us, or speak to us or about us in an unkind way.

In this presentation Mike underscores the pitfall of leaving our sense of self-worth in the hands of others. He points out stories from both the Bible and history which indicate what a poor track record the world has of recognizing truly great people in their midst.

He then shows how we form our sense of self-worth around three critical questions. And he highlights how a spiritual perspective allows us to maintain healthy, uplifting answers to all three questions, in effect taking away the world's vote in the matter.p>

Swept Up in a Vicious Cycle
A Biblical family's journey through generations of dysfunction

Most of the book of Genesis is the story of one family, traced through four generations. And even though the family was religious and devout, it was also thoroughly dysfunctional. Lies, deception, favoritism, bitter rivalry, betrayals, murderous threats, thievery — they were all woven into the family fabric.

Two men, however, finally broke the pattern and pulled the family back together. Esau took the first step. His newphew Joseph completed the journey. As a result, the final chapter is one of healing and reconciliation.

In this keynote Dr. Armour retells the familiar story of Abraham's descendents, but tells it through the lens of their dysfunctionality. And with each generation he highlights important lessons for today's families to learn from their mistakes.

How to Pray at the Wall
Finding strength from prayer in the face of the unthinkable

A famous French short story relates the final hours of a prisoner who at dawn is to be led to a wall and shot. He tries to imagine what will go through his mind as the guards place him in front of the wall, there to wait powerlessly for the angry fusilade that will tear his body apart.

As the hour of his execution draws near, the young man concludes that everyone faces the wall at one time or another. Not necessarily a wall like the one he must confront. But a wall that is no less unyielding and horrendous.

When we find ourselves at such a wall as Christians, how should we pray? That's the theme of this keynote. It explores how Jesus prayed on the night of His betrayal as he prepared for His own wall.

The presentation analyzes specific statements from Jesus in His final prayer with His disciples. It then uses His words as guidance for the way that we should pray as Christians when life thrusts us before the wall.