Keynote Speaker on Christian Maturity and Spirituality

Dr. Mike Armour is that rare keynote speaker who is equally at home with topics related to corporate leadership and themes related to spirituality.

Mike Armour is equally at home as a keynote speaker on spirituality or keynotes on corporate leadership

This exceptional flexibility results from a lifetime of combining military, business, and educational leadership with a parallel career in congregational ministry. His ministerial experience was largely in churches whose members were entrepreneurs, professionals, and executives. Beyond their relationship with Mike as a minister and spiritual advisor, they often turned to him as a trainer in their business or as a personal coach or mentor.

As a result, Mike developed astute skills at relating spiritual values and priorities to the practical realities of the workaday world. The CEO and Chairman of one of the world's largest real estate development companies said of him,

Mike is at home across a wide variety of subjects, from technology to community building and from management practices to religion. He also, importantly, is a man of the highest personal integrity.

Spirituality Keynote Topics

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Mike has been the keynote speaker for scores of major conferences on spirituality, retreats built oround spiritual themes, and commemorations of historic spiritual events. For instance, he was a keynote speaker for the bicentennial celebration of the Cane Ridge Revival, one of the pivotal moments in the Second Great Awakening on the American frontier.

Mike holds a master's degree in religion from Pepperdine University and wrote a doctoral dissertation at UCLA on the intellectual history of the Protestant Reformation.

At 31 he founded a highly successful Christian school. And at 37 he became president of a Christian liberal arts college. He has since served on the board for a variety of faith-based organizations, including York College in Nebraska, where he currently chairs the board's advancement committee and is a member of its executive committee.

In addition, he has published several highly successful books on church leadership and Christian spirituality. Some two million copies of his Newcomer's Guide to the Bible are in print in 20 languages. This book and a companion study guide have been adopted as textbooks in five major regions of Russia and by the Ministry of Education in Ukraine.

One of his more recent works, a children's Bible story book, is commonly used in classrooms for training young readers in Ukraine, Romania, and elsewhere.

Mike's first book on leadership was an award-winning volume aimed at helping church leaders manage diversity effectively. Published in the mid-1990s, it became a textbook in seminaries and graduate schools of theology across a broad spectrum of denominational affiliations.

Mike has therefore demonstrated a unique ability to communicate powerfully and effectively across a wide array of religious and cultural differences. He focuses on spiritual concerns and core values which are common among all people, then addresses them in keynotes which are at once insightful, practical and Biblical.

As a keynote speaker for your event, Mike will draw your audience into deeper application of spirituality to the challenges and demands of day-to-day life. And he will do so in a way that is uplifting, engaging, and entertaining.


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