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Mike Armour's career has been a great laboratory for discovering the enduring principles that accelerate self-improvement and self-development.

For decades he has worked almost daily with people who were highly motivated to develop their skills, abilities, and habits more fully. He has coached over 500 of these individuals and mentored hundreds more.

These conversations have given him a glimpse into the strategies and techniques used by the people who are most successful at pursuing self-development. He has also learned why many self-improvement projects get derailed and never succeed.

He pulls together the wisdom of these people in his highly motivational keynote speeches on self-improvement and self-development. And he shares enthralling stories about people who are genuinely inspiration in their personal commitment to self-improvement.

An Illustrative Sample of Mike's Self-Development Themes

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Seven Lessons about Life that I Learned from Milking a Cow
A humorous look at vital success principles

Mike Armour is a member of that vanishing breed who really did milk cows each morning before going to school. In this tongue-in-cheek keynote presentation, he uses that start-of-the-day experience to illustrate seven keys to creating personal success. The principles range from being purposeful and intentional in what you do to positioning yourself to avoid failure.

Get Out of the Rut and into the River
Creating a deeper, broader life

Neuroscience research has shown us how we think about our life-story changes the way the brain functions. Life-stories tend to fall into one of two patterns, what some have called "rut stories" and "river stories."

Both ruts and rivers take us someplace. Ruts, however, give us little room to maneuver. Rivers, by contrast, grow deeper and broader as they flow, thus adding continually to our choices and options.

Rut stories are thus focused on what we cannot do, how we are limited, how other forces control our life. River stories center on how we have navigated through life, using even the most disappointing experiences as growth opporunities.

This presentation shows the energizing, creative power that is unleashed in the brain — and in our daily existence — when we recast our rut stories as river stories.

Unleash the Power of Your Core Purpose
How to uncover your deepest wellsprings of motivation and fulfillment

We are wired to find certain activities and achievements more satisfying than others. And the most satisfying of all are those which give us genuine fulfillment.

What makes an aspect of our life fulfilling is that it resides quite close to our core purpose. The more time we spend in pursuit of our core purpose, the more fulfilling life will be.

In this self-improvement motivational keynote Dr. Armour lays out a methodology for uncovering your core purpose. And he demonstrates the focus and power that come from orienting your daily existence around your core purpose.

So Whose Rule Is That?
How to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs

What holds us back? What curbs our potential and motivation? The most common culprits are self-limiting rules — our personal hard and fast rules about what's not possible for us. How easily such rules go unchallenged, for they cleverly masquerade as statements of fact, as reality!!

Closely examined, however, they have little to do with reality. They are merely self-limiting beliefs accepted uncritically from the world's input. If anything, they are rules someone else has foisted upon us.

In this motivational presentation Mike shows how self-limiting rules anchor themselves in our thinking. Then he provides keys for replacing unhelpful "rules" with beliefs that are more healthy, empowering, and enriching.

This Isn't What I Wanted!!
How not to get what you don't want

We're usually pretty clear about what we don't want. We can picture it plainly. But when it comes to what we genuinely desire, our picture may be somewhat vague and fuzzy.

Unfortunately, given the choice between a fuzzy picture and a clear one, the unconscious mind tends to steer toward the clearer image. Which is why we often end up with the very thing we set out to avoid!!

So how do we make sure that we don't get what we don't want In this motivational presentation, Mike shows you the secret of getting what you want, not what you don't want.