Self-Improvement and Self-Development
Keynote Speaker

As a keynote speaker on self-improvement and self-development themes, Mike Armour knows personally the life transformation which comes from mastering self-improvement principles.

Mastering self-improvement and self-development techniques

Raised in a poor working class family, in which few before him had finished high school, he went on to be a college president by the time that he was 37.

His leadership success at a relatively young age came in large part from his constant study of self-improvement literature and a disciplined approach to self-development, starting as a teenager.

Self-Improvement Keynote Topics

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Ultimately Mike would identify his life mission as "helping people succeed by giving them insight and clarity." This sense of mission compels him to bring persuasive passion to his keynotes on self-improvement and self-development.

Quite often he draws on insights from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), one of the world's most powerful self-improvement technologies. Recognizing the life-changing impact of NLP techniques, he completed practitioner, master practitioner, and trainer certifications in NLP over 20 years ago. He has continued to use and teach these techniques ever since.

Mike is particularly interested in helping people identify and eliminate self-limiting beliefs that impair their self-improvement or prevent it altogether. He is also driven to help people find the orchestrating purpose for their life and align their lives with that purpose.


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