Patriotic Keynote Speaker

A professional historian by training, a former Congressional candidate, and a retired Navy captain, Dr. Armour enjoys sharing his far-ranging knowledge of patriotic lore with audiences young and old. As a patriotic speaker, he relies on compelling stories that capture the essence of America's greatness. With his rich knowledge of America yesterday and today, he gladly customizes special presentations for patriotic events.

Here are some of the more common patriotic themes which he weaves into his keynotes.

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A Nation Uniquely Born
What sets America apart as a lighthouse of freedom

Mike Armour: Patriotic Speaker

In the entire history of mankind, the United States is the only nation ever founded on an idea. And a revolutionary idea, at that. Namely, that power should always be held accountable to principle, so that even the mightiest person is subject to law.

Of nearly equal importance was a second idea, specifically, that every person should be equal before the law. It is these two ideals, clothed in the language of the Constitution and upheld by the sanctity of our courts, that have made America a beacon for liberty around the world.

In this patriotic keynote Dr. Armour looks at these two ideas as even more "revolutionary" than the Declaration of Independence and the American Revolution which followed.

What's Right with America
Celebrating a greatness we easily forget

In far too many circles it's in vogue to emphasize America's shortfalls and navel-gaze at her problems. Often lost in the rhetoric is the counterbalancing truth of thousands of little realities — and many not so little — that speak of America's continuing greatness.

  • She is still the most generous nation on earth.
  • She still has the greatest spirit of volunteerism in the world.
  • She still creates more opportunities for people to "start afresh" than anywhere else on the planet.

This patriotic presentation chronicles these and other uncelebrated venues of American greatness.

The Tap-Root of America's Values
The spiritual underpinnings of our heritage

Today, because of secular influence on education and culture, the story of he American Revolution is often told with no mention of its spiritual and religious underpinnings. Yet, most of the nation's founders were quite devout. And they espoused their spiritual convictions openly, in political debate as much as in any other type of discourse.

In deliberating the principles of the Constitution, indeed, the framers relied on insights from a host of great thinkers in philosophy and political theory. But they quoted the Bible and appealed to its principles more often than all other literary sources combined.

By drawing on extensive examples like this from early American history, Dr. Armour helps audiences gain fresh appreciation for the direct contribution of religious faith and spirituality to core principles of American democracy.

Only in America
One man's journey through the land of opportunity

U.S. CapitolGrowing up on the edge of poverty, the son of a high-school dropout, Dr. Armour went on to become a college president and a Navy commander before he was 40 years old. Along the way he discovered the true meaning of the phrase "America, the Land of Opportunity." Drawing on what he learned, he uses this keynote presentation to deliver an inspirational challenge to young and old alike.