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Whose Personal Patriotism Runs Deep

Count Dr. Mike Armour as one keynote speaker who never thinks that patriotic themes are old-fashioned or out of style.

Perhaps it's because he cannot forget the patriotic thrill and pride of his days in charge of a Navy color guard, carrying the American flag at the head of a Veteran's Day parade. Or marching the Stars and Stripes to mid-field for the national anthem at an NFL game.

Whatever its source, Mike's patriotism runs deep. And his passion for America is immediately evident in his keynote speeches and presentations.

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For decades Mike has regularly keynoted patriotic events, particularly on Memorial Day, July 4th, or Veterans Day. And he has spoken on patriotic themes for dozens of civic organizations and political conferences.

His sense of patriotic duty also prompted him to run for Congress in the wake of the 9-11 tragedy. Although his campaign was unsuccessful, it renewed his patriotic zeal for the American system of goverment.

Photo of Washington Monument silhouetted at sunset

Washington Monument at sunset.

Mike spent 35 years in naval service, ten years as an enlisted man and another 25 as an intelligence officer. He served under eight Presidents in a career which spanned the Cuban Missile crisis, the Vietnam War, the seizure of the Pueblo, the Grenada invasion, the Iran hostage standoff, and the First Persian Gulf War.

Alongside his naval career Mike completed a master's degree in American military and diplomatic history. He also studied at the Naval War College and did extensive research in the military archives housed at the Hoover Institute.

From this rich heritage of personal experience and scholarship, Mike is able to punctuate his patriotic keynotes with compelling examples and stories which bring American history to life in a dramatic and unforgetable fashion.

He is particularly drawn to the genius and insight which guided the American Revolution and the writing of the U.S. Constitution. But he finds inspiring stories of heroism, compassion, and bold dreams at every stage of our nation's development.

As a patriotic keynote speaker Mike weaves these great moments of American heritage into a seamless whole, invigorating his audience with a fresh sense of patriotism. Use his exceptional talent as a professional speaker to build this kind of patriotic fervor at your event.


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