Motivational Theme Speeches

An extensive range of life-experience has given Dr. Mike Armour unique perspectives as a motivational speaker. His presentations are at once inspirational, insightful, informative, and even transformational. And all the while, they are fun and entertaining.

Mike is particularly effective at giving people a greater sense of self-empowerment in motivational presentations like the following.

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The Only PEP Talk You'll Ever Need
How to put me and all other motivational speakers out of business

Lost effectiveness usually means that one of three things has occurred. Either we've lost a singular focus on our PURPOSE. Or we're no longer relentless in our quest for EXCELLENCE. Or our PRIORITIES are no longer properly aligned. Purpose-Excellence-Priorities: the PEP formula. Work the formula, find the problem, and you won't need a pep talk to get you out of the doldrums when things go awry. And if you have that going for you, who needs motivational speakers like me?

Are You Being Robbed of Your Second Paycheck?
Finding daily fulfillment in what you do

Every job should provide you two paychecks.

One is the monetary paycheck that goes into your bank account once or twice a month. The second is an emotional paycheck that comes from finding daily fulfillment in what you do.

Without that second paycheck, the first one easily loses its motivational power. Your job becomes dull, boring, uninspiring — so much so that no amount of reasonable monetary reward will spur you to greater heights of excellence or endeavor.

On the other hand, when you're getting a great second paycheck, being motivated every day comes naturally. In terms of motivation, the monetary paycheck becomes quite secondary.

In this motivational keynote, Dr. Armour helps you assess the size of your second paycheck, determine whether its adequate compensation, and map a course for finding the second paycheck you deserve.

The key to holding your head high, no matter what

Dr. Armour's presentations on this topic show a deep passion for the subject. For decades he has coached executives through difficult ethical decisions. And since 1998 he has helped educators in Russia and Ukraine rebuild the moral foundation of their culture. These experiences have armed him with penetrating insights into what happens to individuals, organizations, and communities when integrity is no longer honored.

What ever else goes wrong in life, he has learned, we can hold our head high if we keep integrity intact. This richly illustrated, highly practical presentation lays out specific principles for doing just that.

Control Everything You Can — All Four of Them
How to build your sense of self-worth around things you can control

We often base our self-worth on how well we control things. As a result, when things go wrong, self-worth takes a battering and motivation plummets. Unfortunately, we have no ultimate control over all the people and circumstances that can sabotage almost anything we undertake — which means that there are ultimately few things we can control. In fact, there are only four. This motivational presentation identifies these four "controllables" individually and shows you how to make them the basis of your self-worth.

Life's Three Most Motivational Questions
How to enrich the sense of self-worth in everyone around you

Every person you meet today is asking you one of three vital questions. Their sense of self-worth and motivation will depend on the feedback they receive. This presentation examines each of these three critical questions one-by-one. Mike then lays out practical ways to respond to these questions in ways that enrich the self-worth of people all around you.