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Setting a High Standard for Motivational Talks

Audience listening to a motivational keynote

Like any great motivational speaker, Dr. Mike Armour will touch the emotions of your audience and leave them excited and enthusiastic.

More importantly, he will energize their cherished values in a way that is profoundly inspirational..

Having been a keynote speaker for decades, Mike sets high standards for himself when preparing a motivational presentation. It goes without saying that he wants to deliver a speech which is uplifting and emotionally envigorating.

Yet it's possible to have this kind of impact, he knows, by merely being entertaining, not genuinely motivational.

To be truly motivational, Mike believes, a speaker's presentation must resonate with an audience's deeply-held values.

Motivational Keynote Topics

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He will customize any of these presentations to make it as relevant as possible for your audience.

Or if you prefer, he will create an altogether new keynote to meet your needs.

Motivation, after all, is inseparably connected to values. People are not motivated to pursue things which hold no value to them.

Early in his leadership career Mike learned that the key to motivating an organization is to harness the values of the people to the vision of the leader.

Without this hook-up, both motivation and outcomes invariably suffer.

Mike brings this same perspective to his role as a motivational speaker. In preparation for a keynote presentation, breakout, or workshop, he works with the event-planners and sponsors to create a shared vision of what they want his speech to accomplish.

He then designs his presentation to build a powerful linkage between this vision and the values of those he will address.

And Mike excels at making this connection. He developed his skill as a motivational speaker during decades of leadership in churches and non-profit organizations. Since associations like these are voluntary, success depends on motivational presentations which are consistently powerful and engaging.

Let Mike put this talent to work on your behalf. Whether you're looking for a motivational keynote speaker for a conference, a community relations program, or a corporate event, Mike is the veteran professional who is an ideal match for your needs.


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