Frequently Asked Questions about
Mike Armour as a Professional Speaker

In addition to keynotes, does Mike do breakouts or extended trainings?

Yes, Mike is particularly effective in breakouts, trainings, and workshops. He has designed complete workshops that enlarge on the themes of his primary signature speeches. Based on the client's needs, Mike can provide a highly-condensed version of the seminar in a breakout. Or he can delve more fully into the topic in trainings that encompass several hours or periodic sessions spread out over several months.

Mike Armour speaking to Russian library association

Speaking to a library association in Russia

Can Mike provide consulting, coaching, or follow-up support for organizations or individuals who want to implement concepts from his keynotes?

Absolutely! Through his executive development firm, Strategic Leadership Development International, Inc., Mike provides consulting, coaching, and mentoring for companies of every size, from small startups to huge multinationals. His primary signature speeches on trust-related topics have entire follow-on workshops which Mike can teach in a variety of formats.

Keynote speech at Texas A&M alumni dinner

Keynoting Alumni Dinner, Texas A&M University

What sets Mike apart from other professional speakers?

Like many professional keynote speaker, Mike energizes his audience with highly dynamic presentations. Beyond this physical and emotional energy, however, is the insight that punctuates his speeches.

Mike's personal purpose in life is to help others succeed by giving them clarity and insight. This insight comes from the rich cross-fertilization of ideas that he blends together from widely-differing realms of human endeavor. Because Mike himself has been involved in so many different arenas of corporate, community, and international life, he brings a rich, unparalleled perspective to his preparation and comments.

Moreover, when Mike speaks on leadership and organizational dynamics, his expertise comes from first-hand experience. A leader his entire life, he has led top-management posts in organizations ranging from colleges and universities to international non-profits to military commands.

Can Mike custom design a speech for us?

Mike will provide whatever degree of customization you need. He will either adapt one of his signature speeches to your particular business or industry. Or he will develop a speech from scratch, if you desire, including research and interviews with key figures in your organization. Where speeches designed from "designed from scratch" require extensive research, there may be a slightly higher fee.

Dr. Mike Armour addressing a conference of city leaders

Delivering Keynote for conference of city officials

Does Mike accept speaking engagements outside of the U.S.

Mike has rather extensive experience speaking outside of the U.S. His company has a subsidiary operation in East Africa through which he conducts leadership and management trainings across sub-Saharan Africa. Before the chill in U.S.-Russian relations, he conducted a number of trainings in Russia for the Ministry of Education. He has also spoken to audiences in Ukraine, Croatia, and Western Europe, as well as Mexico and Canada in North America.

What arrangements does Mike need at the event site?

Mike's goal is to be as accomodating as possible as he works with event planners. Elsewhere on this site you can find guidance on what he needs by way of support both before and during your event.

What is Mike's fee schedule?

Mike's fees are in the mid-range of accomplished professional speakers. To obtain a copy of his fee schedule electronically or by mail, use the online information request form elsewhere on this web site. Or request a fee schedule via email. Mike is glad to provide a customized fee schedule for multi-day or multi-event engagements.