Introduction for Dr. Mike Armour, keynote speaker

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Introduction for Dr. Mike Armour

  • Our speaker today has been a leader all of his life.
  • He has excelled at taking troubled organizations and putting them back on their feet.
  • Among other things he has been
    • a Navy captain in the field of intelligence
    • the founder of a highly successful private school
    • a university dean
    • a college president
    • the CEO of an international humanitarian organization serving two-dozen countries
    • a long-time leader in faith-based organizations
    • a Congressional candidate
    • and an international resource specialist for character-based education in Russia and Ukraine
  • He holds degrees from five colleges and universities, including a Ph.D. from UCLA.
  • He has been published in over 20 languages and is an award-winning author in the field of leadership.
  • For forty years he has frequently addressed audiences across the United States and around the world … from South Korea … to Latin America … to Africa … to the Balkans … to Ukraine … to Asiatic Russia.
  • He now owns Strategic Leadership Development International, Inc., a Dallas-based firm which he founded in 2001. His company helps top-level executives build stronger leadership teams … deeper levels of trust … and achieve peak performance.
  • He also has a subsidiary in East Africa which trains public sector leaders, from local officials to cabinet members.
  • Mike has personally coached over 500 entrepreneurs and corporate executives, including top-level managers in some of America's largest corporations.
  • Today he speaks to us on the theme of _________________________________.
  • Please join me in welcoming Dr. Mike Armour.