Booking and Promoting Mike Armour
As a Keynote Speaker

This page provide easy access to information and downloads of special interest to you as an event planner. If you've never worked with Dr. Mike Armour before, you'll be impressed with the dynamic he adds to your conference, convention, or corporate event.

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Before You Book Dr. Mike Armour as a professional speaker

Dr. Armour routinely accepts speaking engagements two and three years in advance. Thus, it's important to get your event on his calendar as early as possible.

Mike regularly schedules keynote speaking commitments one to three years in advance.

To determine Mike's availability for a specific date, either email him, contact his office at 214-515-0632, or use the inquiry portion of the on-line information request form.

Once you have confirmed his availability, a simple way to book Mike is by using the online scheduling form. You can also use the form to block a date tentatively on Mike's calendar. Mike will protect that date for you for 30 days while you firm up your plans. If a deposit is not been made within 30 days, Mike will make the date available to other event planners.

Fees, Deposits, and Payments

You can request a fee sheet using the on-line form or by email. A deposit equaling half of the speaking fee is expected within 30 days after Mike agrees to hold a date for you. The balance is due five days before the presentation. Following the event he will submit a bill for any expenses still to be reimbursed. Payment of these expenses is expected within 30 days. Any exceptions to these arrangements should be agreed to and acknowledged in writing at the time you engage Mike.

  • Deposits are fully refundable for cancellations more than 60 days in advance.
  • Half of the deposit is refundable for cancellations 30-60 days in advance.
  • Refunds will be adjusted to cover any expenses already incurred in anticipation of your event (e.g., non-refundable portions of airline tickets or expenditures already made at your request).
  • Should some circumstance arise that prevents Mike from honoring his commitment to you, all fees you have paid will be refunded 100%.

There are no refunds on cancellations less than 30 days in advance. However, you may apply non-refunded amounts to a deposit for Mike to speak to your group anytime within the next two years.

Room Set-Up For Mike's Presentation

Whenever practical, Mike likes to work at the level of his audience, with freedom to move along aisles or among tables where people are seated. Mike has spoken extensively in every type of room configuration, from traditional theater seating to semi-circular arrangements or even seating in the round. He is at ease with any of those arrangements. But he asks event planners to be certain that everyone in the audience can see projected materials clearly.

Microphone Support

For general sessions and keynotes Mike uses a clip-on wireless microphone.

For general sessions and keynotes to large audiences, Mike prefers a clip-on wireless microphone. His next preference would be for a handheld cordless microphone that gives him freedom to move easily around the room. If wireless capability is not available, Mike requests a microphone on a long-enough cable to give him considerable independence from the podium.

For large breakout sessions he has these same preferences. In smaller venues, however, his voice is strong enough that he can work effectively without microphone support.

Audio-Visual Support

For general sessions and keynotes, Mike typically relies on projected PowerPoint graphics. He therefore asks that you have an LCD projector available, along with a computer capable of handling recent versions of PowerPoint. If you cannot facilitate the computer support, make prior arrangements with Mike for him to use his own laptop for your presentation.

For breakouts, offsites, and extended trainings Mike again requests the availability of a projector. Dependent on the subject and the setting, he may also ask for one or two flip charts. These details will be worked out with you at the time you book Mike for your event.

Transportation and Lodging

Mike's fee does not include travel or lodging costs.

Event sponsors are expected to cover reasonable travel and lodging expenses for Mike, including air fares or standard rate mileage, rental cars, taxis, tolls, parking fees, hotel accommodations, meals, and tips. Once you have made a deposit to confirm Mike for your event, he is glad to make his own travel arrangements and to do so early enough to assure an economical fare.

Mike asks for hotel lodging in a non-smoking room that provides a queen or king-size bed, a work desk, internet access, and (if possible) a fitness workout center on site.

Other Support

Mike's goal is to be a " low maintenance" speaker for event planners. His only special request is for a quiet work area which is available to him for final preparations ahead of his presentation.

After you book Dr. Mike Armour as a speaker

…here are helpful materials for pre-event publicity or in event publications.