Motivational Speaker Dr. Mike Armour

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Keynotes and Presentations Customized to Your Needs

Mike works with you to define the specific message which your audience needs to hear most. Then he tailors his keynotes or breakouts to underscore your message.

Event planners frequently ask him to show their audiences how to…

  • maintain peak motivation
  • accelerate self-improvement
  • excel at goal-setting and execution
  • become superb leaders and managers
  • communicate powerfully and persuasively

As a motivational speaker, Mike also makes a profound impact on audiences with moving presentations on ethics, spirituality, character, and patriotism.

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The Wisdom of a Veteran Leader and Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Mike offers your audience profound insight, developed from decades of service in demanding leadership roles as

  • a Navy captain
  • a university dean and college president
  • the CEO of an international humanitarian organization
  • the CIO of a national intelligence community
  • a Congressional candidate

In addition, he has coached some 600 executives and entrepreneurs and has trained thousands more worldwide.

Book cover for Leadership and the Power of Trust, one of Mike's signature keynote themes

Mike's Signature Theme:
Trust-Centered Leadership®

Mike literally wrote the book on Trust-Centered Leadership®and has shared its concepts with audiences on four continents as a keynote speaker.

He lays out

  • three vital domains in which leaders must develop trust
  • five things workers must feel in order to trust management
  • seven essential qualities for leaders who want to be trusted
  • eleven principles for building a high-trust organization
Member of the National Speakers Association, the premier association of professional speakers Member of the Global Speakers Federation, a worldwide community of keynote speakers
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Event Planners

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What Event Planners Say About Mike as a Professional Speaker

"People still use him as a benchmark for my speakers."

"He exceeded all my expectations of a keynote speaker."

"He achieved what all event planners hope a speaker will: He made me look really good for choosing him!"

"He displays an ever-present passion for leadership … and exhibits the craftmanship of a true veteran professional speaker on stage."

… an amazing speaker, with a remarkable ability to communicate great truth in a manner that is engaging, entertaining and insightful on multiple levels.